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Anyone that knows me would tell you that offering relationship advice and perspectives is my favourite thing to do. As I have not seen many sites offering dating and relationship thoughts from a man’s perspective, I decided to create

Josh LoveTalk offers dating and relationship advice from a man’s perspective, sharing thoughts and experiences on how to date successfully and build better relationships.

Like everyone else, I’ve had my fair share of wins and losses when it comes to relationships. I’ve experienced the euphoria and heartbreaks that happen trying to find love, all of which has contributed to being the man I am today. I can relate and empathise with a lot of dating and relationship dilemmas, also I have an even better and more realistic view on love and relationships since I got married.

I will be using this site to explore and address everyday dating and relationship situations, the purpose of which is to inspire and enable you to share your thoughts and experiences so we can all learn from each other, taking ideas we can apply to our respective situations.

This site is more than just a blog, it’s a hub for all of us with interest in experiencing fulfilment regardless of our relationship status – whether single, dating or in a relationship. This is where we can all come to share, educate, question and get inspiration.