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Should our relationship goals be based on what we see on social media?

    Hey everyone, hope you’re well. Sorry it’s been a while but I’m back with another post, this time about relationship goals on social media.

    With the increasing effect of social media, I see a lot of people obsessing over couples’ video clips and pictures online – describing them as ‘goals’. Seeing so many #RelationshipGoals in my Instagram feed brought about the question for me – Should we be setting our relationship aspirations based on beautiful pictures and video clips we see on social media?

    Personally I feel it is fine to draw inspiration from other people’s relationships. The problem is when we base our idea of what a relationship should be on what looks good in a picture or video.

    We all like to look good in front of others and social media has become the place to do this. Lots of people are using online platform to create the lifestyle they want people to believe they are living. So believing that every couple’s picture or video clips you see online is the ideal can lead to having unrealistic expectations and comparisons.

    Some people are still single because they have set their standards so high based on the ‘relationship goals’ they’ve seen on social media; because you see a couple that appear to frequently dine in expensive restaurants, your partner to be must also be able wine and dine you in fancy restaurants. Some relationships are under pressure because one person wants to imitate the couples they see online. You know your partners financial situation but yet you insist putting pressure on him to go on exotic holidays because someone on your Instagram is always posting ‘holiday with bae’ from 5*hotels.

    I’m not saying every couple online are frauds, but because people are selective about what they show, it is difficult to know their reality. There are so many relationships that look happy and all together online but they are going through hell when the camera is off. So being hooked on other’s ‘relationship goals’ based on cute pictures and videos clips without understanding their reality might leave you disappointed and frustrated when are expectations are not met.

    If you are single, I feel it is better to set your relationship goals on what is real. Find someone who cares about you and appreciates your worth. Work together to build a foundation of friendship and true love. If you’re already in a relationship, the grass is greener where it is watered, so work on yourself and continue to work on your relationship. Good and happy relationships doesn’t just happen, they take time and work on a daily basis

    I feel we can draw inspiration from what we see online however our relationship goals or relationship blueprint should be from something tangible and real and social media does not always provide this.

    Thanks for reading and please feel free share your thought below or email

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