Love Is For Life Not Just for Valentine’s Day…

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone – Just a quick note to my fellow romantics about this wonderful day

Due to commercial influence, 14th February has become a day commercially purposed to invest in cards, roses, chocolates and candle light dinners… these gestures are portrayed to majority as evidence of love existing in relationships. Whilst there is nothing wrong with romantic gestures, it is crucial to understand the purpose you celebrate otherwise the lavish gift can be likened to smoke, which fades out after a while. The focus on a day like this should be the fire; the burning love between two individuals.

Valentine’s Day should be a day to celebrate the consistency of the love and joy that exists in your relationship… ‘Consistency’ being the key word, this forms the basis and foundation on which all the grand romantic gestures can rest upon and blossom into greater heights because after the 14th of February, valentine’s day does not seize… the love, joy and other necessary ingredients needed for a good relationship continues to manifest and the relationship grows from strength to strength

You know your relationship better than anyone else; it is easy to deceive others into believing all is perfect by plastering pictures of yourselves, the roses, cards, and other romantic gestures across Facebook and Instagram but you cannot deceive yourself. If you know within your heart that your relationship lacks the consistency of happiness, growth and love to make it successful… your grand gestures will only serve as a temporary fix to a major flaw in your relationship, as the 14th of February will pass away so will all the grand gestures wither and things will return to its normal state of unhappiness and misery.

So instead of lavishing money on things that will fade after today, use today as a platform to start working on long-term love and happiness… through openness, communication, determination and willingness from both hearts, you can change the dynamics of your relationship for the better and start to build something strong and lasting. Use this day as a base to celebrate what good already exist, as well as committing to fix the broken links on your relationship. If you are in a relationship that was once blissful and has now lost its way, you can also make the most of today… go back in time and evaluate why and how things worked and bring it into the present using the tools I mentioned earlier, rejuvenate your relationship.

And for my singles, not having a date today is not necessarily a bad thing unless you think it so… As a matter of fact, it gives you the opportunity and more time to prepare yourself for when the right person comes along. So invest your time and resources in being the right person, because only then can you attract and keep the one your heart truly desires, and if you feel you are ready, it is only a matter of time before you begin celebrating love on a day like this.

From LoveTalk… Happy Valentines Day!!!

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